Director Message


Director’s Message

The main aim for which this Law college has been established is to impart qualitative education to the students so that they can emerge as excellent lawyers, brilliant Judges, successful Legal executives to serve in corporate world and elsewhere and also competent law teachers. With this motto, it will be our sincerest endeavor to establish a faculty which would be potentially viable to cater the need of law Courts, Law firms, Judicial service, trade organizations and Law Colleges. I candidly recall that in early decades-that is from the 50s to the 90s, the subject of Law was opted by a large number of students without any consideration of future career prospects, but now, with very attractive avenues in the multi faceted field of legal practice and jobs comprising governmental and non-governmental spheres, the legal environment has undergone a sea change. The students at present have a curious pursuit of Law courses. In this changed scenario we propose to teach and train the Law Students, who will be picked up as far as possible from the vicinity as also from far flung areas. With this mission, we have resolved, as per desire of His Holiness Sh. Amit Saxena, the Chairman and Madam Rekha Sexana the President of the college to provide a value based program to serve the society.

With so many maladies existing in the society such as crime against humanity especially against women, corruption and cyber crime etc., the necessity of bringing up outstanding Law Graduates has become the need of the hour and indeed the day. We are determined to address all these challenges by providing talented law Graduates and post Graduates so as to help the society in national development. Also it will be our object to impart comprehensive legal education to achieve excellence in the sphere of advanced studies as well as research work. We contemplate to disseminate Legal knowledge by organizing seminars, symposia, workshops, moot courts and conferences. To infuse the young brains with the ability to analyse and evolve solutions to the contemporary problems, will be our another task. Certainly this college will liaise with other famous institutions in India and abroad. It will be the greatest pleasure of my life to have a personal rapport with every student and share the experiences of my long drawn career of 42 years as a Judge. It is my sincere belief that meeting of minds of older and younger generations breeds inspiration, confidence, discipline and a positive approach. The students with their inquisitiveness learn a lot with such free and frank interactions.

Welcome to the SBS College of Law, Rohtak.

With best wishes
Justice Bhanwar Singh,
Former Director
Code Calibre