Law College hostel has around 600 boys and girls living in on campus hostels. Hostels on the campus are truly state-of the-art with spacious and fully furnished rooms, bathrooms fitted with designer gadgets, medical facilities and 24 X 7 ambulance parked to address any medical urgency. All hostels have 24 hours running water, laundry facilities, uninterrupted power supply as the college has its own generators. For the entertainment of hostel inmates, there are common rooms with cable-television, indoor and outdoor games and 24 X 7 open restaurants. The students can have accommodation in our four on-campus hostels. The majority of our out-station students prefer to live in our in campus hostels. Hostels are three and four storey buildings and an architectural delight with spacious galleries, rooms, rows of washrooms and toilets in every storey with designer sanitary fittings

The students can have accommodation in our four on-campus hostels. The majority of our out-station students prefer to live in our in campus hostels. Hostels are three and four storey buildings and an architectural delight with spacious galleries, rooms, rows of washrooms and toilets in every storey with designer sanitary fittings. There are four types of accommodation available in the college; single, double, triple and four room accommodation. Each room is furnished with bed/beds, mattress, study table, chair, cupboard, book rack, curtains and mirror. There are spacious lawns within the hostel campus for the students to play different games or to take walk or recreate themselves. Our hostels are looked after by the Hostel Maintenance Staff. They take care of cleanliness, tending to lawns and repairing any malfunctioning of sanitary system or electrical gadgets.

Every effort is made to provide home comforts. Hostel offers many exciting experiences both in the terms of games and entertainment. Residing in campus enables the students to widen their horizon and learn the skills of interaction, adaptability and cooperation. This in turn teaches adjustment and acceptance, especially with their peers. Strict discipline is enforced with regard to outings and conduct of the students. An efficient hostel administration staff actively supervises the running of the hostel. Living away from home can be a daunting and confusing experience sometimes. Our staff and the management make sure to create congenial environment to give the students a feeling of being at home, away from home. Hostel life offers many exciting experiences. It becomes like a miniature society where young boys and girls acquire interaction skills, learn adjustment and community living. Thumb

Shorya Aashiyana

Rules & Regulations for students staying in Hostel

On behalf of Rohtak Institute of Engineering & Management (RIEM) and Shamsher Bahadur Saxena College of Law (SBSVL), the Management warmly welcomes the students joining the Hostel, Shorya Aashayiana. While majority of senior students would join the Institute after vacations, many new students would be joining our family for the first time. On one hand, many students would enjoy freedom by staying away from family/parents; this also puts lot more responsibility on young shoulders when they come face to face with challenges and opportunities. Staying away from families will not bother if the students accept new friends, faculty and the Warden as their new family. We assure that the Management would make efforts to meet the needs and desires of the students; still it may not always be possible to accept some of their demands. Considering that this Hostel is brand new and facing teething problems, there may be some constraints and we would grow and overcome these constraints as we move on. The Management therefore expects all students to cooperate and follow the Rules & Regulations of the Hostel so that the Management can serve the students in a better way.

Rules & Regulations:
  • The students are expected to observe strict discipline and decorum in the Hostel during the entire period of their stay.
  • Hostel is primarily meant for the stay of students while they study in Engineering and Law College in the Campus. Therefore, their conduct should be exemplary and above board. The students should not indulge in unnecessary loitering or making loud noises disturbing the fellow students in their studies.
  • Ragging in any manner, inside or outside the Campus, is strictly banned as per the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and any violation in this regard would lead to strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the Hostel/College. An affidavit inthe prescribed format is to be furnished by students as also by their parents/guardians to the effect that they would not indulge/participate in any manner in the ragging. A copy of the prescribed specimen affidavit, to be sworn in before the Oath Commissioner, is enclosed.
  • Visiting hours for parents/guardians would be between 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM. The students desiring to meet any visitor beyond this schedule should seek prior approval of the Hostel Warden. The visitors are not allowed to stay with their wards in the hostel. Visitors will be permitted to enter their wards hostel rooms only if the student is present.
  • Depending upon the administrative exigency, the Management reserves the right to allot/change/cancel the allotment of room to a student without assigning any reason and the decision of the Management shall be final and binding on all concerned. The Management and/or its representative including Warden/staff shall have the right to enter/inspect any room during the stay and/or absence of the student. Similarly, any vacant bed in a room could be allotted to a new comer and in the absence of earlier allotters; the room can be opened with the help of duplicate key available with the Management.
  • All instructions/notices displayed on the notice boards will be deemed to have read by all the residents and excuses for non- compliance of such instructions and notices will not be accepted. Residents are requested to look at the notice board everyday to acquaint themselves with latest information/ orders.
  • All dues and payments are payable in advance and well before the rooms and other articles of furniture/fixtures are allotted.
  • Each student has been provided with a steel cot, mattress, table, chair and almirah for use in room. Each student should ensure that these items of moveable property are properly maintained without causing any damage to these new and precious articles. The cost of any damage/breakage of articles would be recovered from the concerned student.
  • The students not able to avail the facilities of books etc during College timings need not worry since both libraries in RIEM and SBSCL would remain open from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM on all days except national holidays.
  • A first-aid box, with essential and basic medicines, would be available with the Hostel Warden for use by students in case of any emergency. However, the students are advised to keep sufficient stock of personal drugs/medicines, specifically prescribed for them.
  • The students are expected to stay in the Hostel and within the college premises and avoid going out especially in late nights. In case, they need to leave the premises for any valid reason beyond 10.00 PM, a formal permission should be obtained in advance from the Hostel Warden in writing.
  • As the Hostel is located at a little distance from the city, the purchase of items of daily needs may not be possible at all times. The students are therefore expected to manage their requirements accordingly.
  • The students would be required to provide details of their residential address, telephone etc in respect of their parents/guardians, local as well as outstation, who could be contacted in case of any emergency.
  • All maintenance complaints/requirements will be attended by Chief Warden.
  • Last but not the least, all students should follow the above instructions in letter and spirit. Any breach of above instructions, misdemeanor or indiscipline would attractsevere penalty which may lead to cancellation of hostel accommodation and expulsion from the Institute. In case of any grievance or complaint, the Hostel Warden should be contacted who would take suitable remedial measures. The decision of the Hostel Warden shall be final and binding on all concerned

Law College has three Mess facilities for its in-house students and day scholars. Mess serves wholesome nutritious and hygienically cooked food under the strict supervision of trained caterers with the help of modern kitchen gadget. The mess services include serving breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner to the students. Care is taken to add variety to the meals so that the students enjoy their meals and get nutrition food. Soon a gymnasium and fitness center is being added to the college amenities on the college campus.


The college has also set up an open air joint Nescafe which provides the delicious muffins, sandwiches, different flavors of coffee, soft drinks and the piping hot magi noodles. We believe that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach therefore no cost is spared to offer the best of the food. Our students enjoy the variety they get in these food joints.


Located in the beautiful designed, open air structure, it is the favorite haunt of the Law College students during their spare time. The restaurant serves assortment of eatables that range from continental, oriental south to north Indian food. The rates are fixed so that it falls within the meager allowance of the students.

ATM Facilities

The law College maintains its accounts with the Corporation Bank. The bank has also installed ATM facility for the students on the campus.

Transport Facilities

The institute also provides transport facility to the students living off the college campus. The five luxury buses owned by the institute ply on different routes in the city to pick and drop the students from various areas. Our students are spared the discomfort of commuting to the college by public transport.

Medical Assistance

Our paramount responsibility is to care for the welfare and the health of our students. For this purpose we have tied up with the nearby hospitals for medical assistance to our students. We have an ambulance van to reach the sick students to hospital. First aid services are available in the college campus itself.

24 X 7 Internet Facilities

Law College is a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus. Therefore the students have internet access at all times.

Lecture Rooms

Class rooms are spacious, airy with streaming light at all times of the day.

Water Resources

College has 24 hours fresh running water supply through aqua fresh. A storage tank is also provided should the supply cease due to unforeseen circumstances. Clean drinking water is available all across the campus and the hostel. Water coolers are installed at convenient locations.

Computer Lab

The students have free access to the network facilities to browse online data bases, on line text journals, surfing and e-mail. College has a Computer Lab with Internet facility (24X7 through Wi-Fi technology).


A healthy mind stays in a healthy body". The institute has the ultra modern GYM with all latest equipments and machines to stay fit. The physical trainer is also available to guide you.

Swimming Pool

Constructions is going on witch pool swing

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